Yelling Is As Hurtful As Hitting

A study in the journal Child Development concludes that parents who yell at their adolescent children cause the same kind of negative behavior as hitting them especially increased the risk of depression and aggressive behavior.

So parents who yell insults at teens calling them “lazy” or “stupid” are literally still slapping them in the face.

The kids whose parents used more harsh verbal discipline when they were 13 paid for it with behavioral problems as soon as one year later. 

Things like trouble in school fighting and depressive symptoms.

There are no studies that equate yelling and hitting for adults, but certainly verbal abuse is rampant in a world that moves as quickly as ours does today.

When employers resort to yelling, it adversely affects a person’s self-esteem.

All this sounds easy enough except in practice yelling often becomes the tool of first resort at work, at home, with family and spouses.

A helpful step is to postpone reaction time – even by a second or two to change up the frustration one feels when they trigger a yelling bout.

Just a few seconds can work wonders.

There is virtually no one who will disagree with the proposition that yelling hurts people so learning how to postpone responding to situations in which you feel compelled to yell, can be transformative.

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