Working for People We Can’t Stand

I hated the toughest boss I ever had.

He was a news director who required his newscasters to write all-new copy every half hour and find new news and audio.

He listened to every broadcast.

Called in and ripped you if your broadcast didn’t meet his approval.

It was the only job I hated in radio and now I know I love the guy.

He made me realize I really wanted to be a radio program director which I then went on to do – not a news reporter.

I swore I would never write another word after working for him, but I went on to a career in publishing resembling his tough style of reporting.

I owe him my writing and reporting skills.

Sometimes the best jobs we will ever have will be working for people we can’t stand.

Proving that having to endure tough employers may be more life changing than working for a pushover.

As long as we eventually move on to take what we’ve learned about them, us and what we do to achieve further success.

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