When Feeling Underappreciated

Stop that feeling in its tracks.

Employers are frequent culprits of running down employee’s self-worth but even friends and relatives do it often out of jealousy.

Often our jobs are our main focus so when we’re not appreciated at work, we really take it to heart.

The most important judge of your self-worth is you.

Let someone else get into your head with negative input and you’re giving too much power to a person who doesn’t deserve it.

Look into your own soul – what are your strong traits and what needs to be worked on.

When people tear down others, they are weak.

When they help build, they are strong.

Letting people record unfair criticism directly into your subconscious mind is the definition of self-destruction.

The negative message will repeat over and over again doing its damage.

Only you get to deliver messages to your subconscious.

Positive statements that when they repeat will improve your self-esteem not ruin it.

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