Villanova’s Cell Phone-free NCAA Championship

The Villanova basketball team that has won two national titles in three years has done it without cell phones.

Coach Jay Wright takes his players’ phones away the night before a game to help them stay focused on their job.

The players don’t like it – of course, they want their phones back – but you can’t argue with the results.

Wright: “They’re kids … They don’t know how to focus”.

Phones produce anxiety and resistance to tactics.

Every night after 10pm for each road game, a Villanova official goes room to room to collect players cell phones.

Phones are the enemy of sleep and sleep is important for everyone and in particular athletes.

Some other teams ban phones from team meetings but Jay Wright sticks to his hard and fast rule.

Phones are tools that make our lives better.

When they become an addiction and affect our sleep, cause anxiety or make us lose focus, it requires taking control of the problem.

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