The Secret Weapon of Smiling

Do one thing differently today.

Smile at everyone you come in contact with whether you know them or not.

I promise, it works.

Say nothing, just be the first to smile and ask no more – move on.

Smiling is empowering because for the most part, the positive chance happens within us no matter what response we get.

Forget that smiling people are more engaging and come off friendlier.

That often, a smile is returned.

Sometimes you even enter into conversation but that is not the goal to transform yourself into the smiler-in-chief.

It is to feel the power of positivity every time you glance at another human being emerge from your being.

Also, it works in meetings.

How many times have you attended a meeting when the leader walks in with a sour face?


Imagine what a smile would do before the first words are spoken.

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