The Power of Believing You Can

About five years ago there was a study that asked two groups of college golfers to putt from a certain distance.

But just before one group made their first attempt, it was revealed that the putter that they were using was that of a professional golfer even though it wasn’t.

A second group was just instructed to putt.

Golfers who THOUGHT that they were using the putter of a professional golfer, made 32% more putts.

Just believing that they had a special club in their hand, improved their ability to sink putts by 32%.

We are also aware of the power of the placebo where when patients are given sugar pills.  They often get the same results as those taking the actual medicine.  This is especially true with anti-depressants.

The mind is the best asset that we are probably not using to our fullest and we can change that whenever we’re ready – even today.

If we can manage to believe in ourselves or what we’re about to do, research tells us again and again that we will do better.

Just one adjustment.

Believe in yourself before you begin.

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