The Path to Happiness

It boils down to whether we want to be happy or not.

A choice.

And we rarely see it as a choice because, face it, we don’t think our happiness is totally under our control.

But it is.

As I told my college students in LA, this town is filled with successful people who are keeping psychologists and psychiatrists in business.

We lose our job or our partner or our health so we can’t be happy, right?

But if you can still choose “I want to be happy” you may find that out of bad comes good.

This is not Pollyanna.  Some people have serious psychological problems that are beyond what I am saying here and no offense is meant.

But, for many of us – happiness is a choice and an important one that has to be made with certainty.

When we decide to play a sport to win, we don’t vow to win sheepishly.

Same with happiness.

Command it, expect it and enjoy whatever life brings you because life is a constant surprise.

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