The Most Powerful Motivator

How can you motivate someone without giving them a goal?

Threats work in the short term then fall on deaf ears.

Failure to clearly define a goal results in spotty results.

Money is perhaps the worst motivator because while everyone wants more, it is too vague to bring out the best effort over the long term.

The best motivator for others or yourself is to clearly see in your mind’s eye the goal before you.

Not more money, what that money will bring you that makes you work harder. 

Not more prestige, see vividly what is on your business card. 

Not a promotion, but what that promotion will mean if you get it. 

Achievers may make a lot of money but in truth they are motivated by a whole lot more.

What if you thought about your number one and number two goals today, can you see vividly what they will do for your life or just what they will get you?

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