The iPhone Diet

If we eat all we want to, our weight gets out of control.

Drink too much?  We pay for it with our health.

Spend too much time being distracted by our phones and miss out on life.

  1. Try to avoid responding (it just keeps the black hole of distraction growing). 
  1. Never react (social media and texting makes the phone a dangerous impulse device).

  2. Don’t participate in email that angers you.  You have the power to simply end it. 
  1. Spend at least one hour every day (including workdays) away from your phone.

  2. Social media is the biggest black hole of all digital distractions luring us deeper into the lives of others.  Resist.

Phones are great tools but they are so addicting that we hold them in our hand and check them constantly looking for another jolt of adrenaline.

When your phone is in your hand even when you’re not using it, refer back to #1 above.

When your phone is out while driving, put it away.

Allstate has a simulator that it takes around to schools so that students can try to avoid accidents while driving and texting.  No one has ever succeeded.

Put the phone in its proper place and live life.

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