The Best Time to Search for a New Career

The best time to look for a new career is when you’re happy and rewarded with the career you have.

Most people get serious about job search when they are unhappy, underpaid and/or not feeling appreciated.

When they don’t like their boss, the place they work or often the people they work with.

This leads to a lot of bad decisions.

Choosing the new or next career path should be done when you are satisfied not looking to get out.

This also provides the best way to know you are not making a mistake by leaving for if you are drawn to something new and challenging while you are fulfilled by your current work, chances are you are about to make a strong decision with a positive outcome.

If you decide to stay after examining a great new opportunity then you are likely already in the right job.

Finding work when you’re unhappy may change your scenery or the associates you work with but it is often not a good career move.

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