Texting Addiction

Texting is an addiction.

It’s like pressing a button in the hospital to get another dose of narcotic painkiller.

Everyone is affected – this is not only a Millennial disease. And it is a disease.

We text rather than engage people in real time as if it’s normal.

We attend sporting events, pay good money and spend our time there texting elsewhere.

Texting includes addiction to social media – the need to stay connected and to check your phone for the next shot of adrenaline.

There is no known cure because, after all, texting and social media also have positive benefits when they are in balance with the rest of our lives.

Your family wants you to set an example and leave the phone alone and make it about them – in real time.

When texting or social media gets out of control (perhaps you don’t know it or acknowledge it), think about making a phone call instead.  Think about it, don’t make it because if you had to commit to a conversation rather than a text or social media post, you might not make it.

Communication in the digital age is easier, not better.

Being addicted to being connected is often bad for us, our families, our careers and now with increasing medical evidence, our health.

Ask is this texting worth a phone call.  If it isn’t and you’re getting trapped in the back and forth, it’s more likely because you need the boost rather than the other party needing to hear from you.

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