Taking Back a Ruined Day

You check your phone upon awakening to find emails or texts that threaten to sabotage your day even before your feet hit the floor.

Or feeling the karma of another person who is unhappy with their job, themselves or their lives.

Then turn on the news while exercising at the health club and many days it seems like it’s hard to get out the door in the good mood you woke up in.

The key to turning around a ruined day is the way we talk to ourselves.

That conversation that takes place in your head while you’re driving or thinking.

The world is so connected that what happens with others affects us almost immediately so it is important to not lose the narration going on in your mind.

I can’t wait to get to work to solve some problems and help others solve theirs 

I’m grateful for lots of things and people (name them) 

The world needs one more person to lift it up not drag it down – that’s me

I’m looking forward to (name it) 

More and more, unhappy or stressed out people can affect our happiness in real time.

Keep your narrative.

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