Subtle Bullying

The manager who repeatedly leaves you (or your opinion) out of the meeting. 

Encouraging others to avoid you until you feel left out.

Failure to include you on a regular basis promoting isolation. 

Allowing others to criticize or demean you without stopping it or clearly distancing themselves from that criticism. 

Looking to others less qualified to do what you are qualified (and perhaps even hired) to do. 

Put downs followed by a “harmless” joke. 

All passive-aggressive people. 

Pitting two people against each other so that they will turn against each other so that the bully comes out “winning”. 

Setting people up to fail using unrealistic expectations.

Subtle bullies try to befriend their victims often over a long period of time (or torture).

The only cure is to get rid of the bullies.

Zero tolerance at work or in your life.

Obvious bullies back down and search for an easier victim when they are stood up to.

Subtle bullies look elsewhere when they are exposed to their employers, peers or friends and called out in a public way.

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One thought on “Subtle Bullying

  1. What do you do when you report to the subtle bullies? I can totally relate to this post and it’s quite timely, but when the subtle bullies are your boss and they are obsessed with choking you out in a subliminal manner, it becomes toxic…

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