Stretching Yourself

For some reason we keep looking for major ways to change ourselves when a little fine-tuning would go a long way.

Sometimes all that is needed to be more successful and happier is to stretch yourself.

Try harder to be a good listener – the results will always be better than not trying and you won’t need a course on listening.

Give away your decision-making power every once in a while, and chip away at tendencies to be a control freak.  

Once a day give credit to someone else using a specific example of what they did right and you’ll work on any jealous tendencies you might have.

Then, see if you can give credit to someone else in front of other people. 

For everything you criticize yourself for insist on balancing that with something you did well and the self-esteem results will be fast and palpable.

Take control of your phone and let it work for you not deprive you of human interaction or precious alone time to reap all the advantages with fewer disadvantages.

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