Social Media Breaks

What’s the harm of taking a 30-second social media break to see what’s happening and who is liking your posts?


But with one caveat.

Knowing WHEN to take such breaks and how often to take them.

Social media – and in fact the entire smartphone itself – is like a morphine pump instead, it’s loaded with dopamine to which we easily have become addicted.

A 30-second check when we are not engaged directly with another person. 

Or when we are part of a team meeting (and that includes virtual meetings even though the other participants cannot see us).

Strict limits to make sure our short social media check does not become a minute and a half or longer.

A smoking break is deleterious for a healthy person so a social media break is a good substitute as long as you don’t do both.

Getting the hang of how to take a social media break as opposed to living as a slave to the next post means we can share it with our children because it’s hard to ask them to pay attention when we’re more distracted than ever.

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