Smartphones, Weak Minds

New research suggests that as the brain gets hooked on cellphone technology, the mind weakens.

  • We check our phones 80 times a day — According to stats that Apple keeps.
  • That’s 30,000 times a year! – Far more than anything humans do so it is no surprise that the smartphone usages directly affects intelligence.
  • Phones shape our thoughts when we’re not using them – As the brain grows dependent on technology, the intellect becomes weaker.
  • Even one ring or a vibrate starts a path of distraction that makes it hard to focus.  This delays reasoning and performance.  Just one ring – even when we don’t look at the phone – starts this process.
  • Blood pressure and pulse quickens – Just hearing a ring or vibrate sound and we are unable to respond according to a study of iPhone users.
  • The argument for hiding your phone – A study of undergrads at The University of California San Diego shows test takers did worse when their phones were within view and students who left their phones in a different room did best.  As the phones proximity increased, brainpower decreased. 

The dumbing down didn’t just apply to intellect.

Social skills and relationships are adversely affected because they are a reminder of all the people we can connect with electronically and it distracts.

Smart move:  reign in smartphone use for its many benefits and take seriously its disadvantages that over time can be very concerning.

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