Running Out of Time

My biological clock is ticking.

I either get a promotion or my career is over. 

I’m 31 and I haven’t found the love of my life. 

I’m retiring and I’ll love it (but will I?). 

I have already lived move years than I have left.

The feeling of running out of time has nothing to do with age.  It’s about feeling pressure that time is passing us by.

No one knows how much time they have.   If they’re a teenager, they just assume it’s a long time between high school and old age, but sadly even young people can’t count on that.

Mid-lifers are pressured to raise a family and keep their career going.  They tend to look at time as the number of years they have left to maximize earnings.

Older folks can point to the actuarial tables but today people live unusually long lives given a few health breaks.

When the feeling of running out of time creeps up, double down on what you have this minute – today.

That’s all anyone can count on.

The fear of running out of time is just a lifetime of bad guesses that are not worth making.

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