Responding to Insults

First instinct might be to hit back.

Then the insulter wins on a TKO.

Don’t react under any circumstance.

Insulting people are button pushers.  They will keep trying until they can get a rise out of you.

Cut off their oxygen.

There can be no insults if you won’t stand for any of it.  And if they said something that lit your fire, spend your time putting out that fire and putting distance between you and the person who is hurling insults your way.

Permanently avoid people who won’t stop insulting you.

If you won’t stop the abuse, no one else will or can.

Avoid firing a zinger back.

Your satisfaction will be short lived and you will become more like the person you dislike instead of the one you want to be.

Fix the damage.

It is more important to undo the damage from a hurtful remark or barrage then it is to insult the other person back.

Without oxygen, the insulting person will have to find someone else to pick on because it won’t take long for them to realize you’re not going for the bait.

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