Recognize Something Positive Every Day

It’s hard to even get out of the house in the morning without our moods being ruined with news, email and texts and leftover anxieties from the day before.

Be on the lookout for good.

Good people.

I had a dear friend who always used to say to me, “JD, you’re a good man”.  How could you not want to hear that?  How could he say it without feeling good about finding something positive in me and sharing it with me?

Marriage counselors would go out of business if we could tell our spouses something positive about them every day because, sadly, most couples stop doing what worked so well when they met.

Our children are too easily praised for showing up (i.e., the soccer mom syndrome).

Here’s an effective alternative:  Catch them doing something right and tell them what it was (i.e., “it was good of you to include Bethany in the game”).

Praise plus evidence.

Even an employer or boss that we don’t like can hear something positive from us if we look hard enough (“…that was very fair”).  Not liking someone’s management style is one thing but not being able to find anything positive in another person – even a boss – means we have some work to do.  That may be on us.

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