Preventing Cell Phone Addiction

47% of parents say they are worried that their children are addicted to cell phones (source: Common Sense Media).

But only 32% say they are addicted.

Phone addiction is becoming such a problem that Apple, Google and Facebook are being pressured to come up with solutions to help young people become less addicted.

The fear of missing out on something is great with a cell phone in hand.

Being left out of social media conversations is a powerful motivation to stay connected.

Cell Phone New Rules:

  1. Divide your apps into ones you check vs. the black hole apps of social media.
  2. The first two screens have Uber, Lyft, Open Table – things that are useful and not time consuming.
  3. Put time wasting social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter in a social media folder on the third screen.  When you go there, be cognizant of the time you are using so that you don’t keep scrolling and clicking your way to addiction.
  4. Make a call when multiple texts are required.
  5. Spend as much time face to face with others as you do connected on the phone.

Balance is the only answer for cell phone addiction and courage.

The courage to change the way you use this tool now.

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