Overcoming Loss

Loss is not restricted to losing a loved one.

When we break up with someone who we have cared for, it is a major loss. 

A divorce is a loss that is institutionalized in court proceedings. 

As people age they lose youth and often feel a loss of opportunity. 

Hard times economically are a loss.

  • Be grateful for what you had.  Expressing gratitude for something that you no longer have is a way of reminding yourself of what you are capable of. 
  • Anticipate things you will find in the future.  They don’t have to be a replacement for someone who can’t be replaced.  Anticipate new friends, new adventures, accomplishing more things you have not yet done. 
  • Fixate on the gains.  Mother’s recipes that you now possess.  The children that you had together with your ex.  The new job you just got that you would never have applied for if you hadn’t experienced the loss of your job.

Balance loss with gain.

Pain with pleasant memories.

Bad fortune with good fortune that has either occurred or that you expect will occur.

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