No is an Option

We feel out of control when we agree to do something that our intuition tells us we don’t want to do.

Peer pressure.

The helplessness of being forced to carry out duties our employer requires without our input.

Bullies invading our space.

Those close to us who give and take away approval to gain control.

Our minds and bodies know when we are straying from the person we want to be.

The feeling of helplessness results.

Resentment and a feeling of being powerless.

We know deep inside that we could not make ourselves this conflicted without the help of others.

When we know we’re off track, no is an option.

Start looking for new employment.

Separate from people who bully or control.

Break co-dependencies by being your own best advocate.

No is the answer to anyone who somehow makes us feel not good about ourselves.

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