It’s wrong and it’s unnecessary.

One of the many reasons 52% of the people between the age of 19 and 39 – Millennials – feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety as their number one health complaint.  And it’s surely not limited to that age group.

When you are doing two things at once, you have failed to prioritize.

More doesn’t mean more efficient.

When I asked a class of students if they’d like to learn how to accomplish more by doing less, only one student out of 44 reluctantly said yes (she felt sorry for the professor, no doubt).

The answer is to prioritize.

What’s most important and then what’s second most important.

What may be important someday.

Human nature is such that we work on what’s easiest to do without regard to whether it is most important.

This is the year to stop multitasking and start prioritizing.

Just because we have tools in our hands that allow us to do many things at once does not mean that it makes us any more productive or happier.

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