Managing Multiple Problems at One Time

Air traffic controllers through the use of technology can track many airplanes at one time for eventual landing.

Not too long ago, with just the help of radar, these overworked and stressed controllers would have nervous breakdowns trying to keep the planes separated and landing without incident.

You can only land one plane at a time on a runway.

Managing the multiple problems we face every day is similar.

In spite of multitasking and other techniques, humans can deal with only one problem or challenge at a time.

Try more than that and stress levels skyrocket.

One approach is to see in your mind’s eye, all the problems you are facing the way you might envision airplanes in line or circling to land.

You check back, work on it, update it, make decisions about it and bring it in finished.

Seeing multiple problems in your periphery is doable, trying to solve them all at once is useless when the price you pay is an increase in stress and anxiety.

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