Managing Email

Email is not a replacement for a conversation.

Any attempt to use email as a “shorter” conversation will end up creating more email.

Yes, even a phone call can cure endless emails back and forth.

We’ve all seen many types of email from what looks like a snail mail letter to incoherent and misspelled phrases.

There are many programs that claim to manage email but the real secret is how it is used.

  1. Do not ask any questions that you are not prepared to have to answer. 
  2. Ask what would happen if you called that person or didn’t send the email.  
  3. If you must email, start off with the main point and stick to it.
  4. Email (like texting and social media) is addictive even when we say we see it as a burden.  Putting it off or having email assigned automatically to predetermined files may not help.   
  5. See email as a tool, the way texting is a tool. 

I am an Apple Watch user and handling email on it is better in my opinion than on a phone or laptop.  The watch lets you dictate a response and even for a long-winded radio/TV guy like me, it’s amazing how quickly you can get to the point and move on to the present.

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