Making Better Decisions

  1. Pick from multiple choices.  Choosing the thing, person or job you like the best based on feeling alone should be a red flag.
  2. All good decisions in time.  There is often a correlation between how fast decisions are made and how good the decisions are.
  3. Avoid outsourcing your decisions to someone else (a person who is pressuring you or one you feel would make a better choice).  People who fear decision making often allow others to decide for them.
  4. Remember the Ted Williams rule.  Arguably the greatest hitter in baseball who once batted over .400 in a season still failed to reach base 60% of the time.  Making good decisions is a process not a guarantee that every decision will be perfect.  If one of the best hitters in baseball succeeded only 40% of the time and most players not even that, set more realistic goals.
  5. Learn from the bad decisions because unfortunately too many of us repeat the same mistakes.

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