Living with Haters

Deny them a voice.

Disconnect from them on social media.

Don’t let them intimate you or change your mind out of fear of rejection.

Be on the lookout that you are not becoming more tolerant of haters.

Change yourself, not the world.  Others will adapt.

Differing is good.

Your Instagram life is fine.

Control the only thing you can control – you will not be a hater.

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One thought on “Living with Haters

  1. Just going thru email late night here,,, just wanted to say,,HATE is the same thing as LOVE,,, its just a different rainbow color of the spectrum  f emotions logic and reason. As long as haters don’t affect people directly or physically, my idea is just let them do whatever they desire to express themselves and get over themselves. To suppress any emotions or communications is counterproductive to everyone,,,cheers :) good night!

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