Living in a Polarized World

What are you for?

Not what are you against.

The world now is a constant restatement of what people are against followed by a criticism of the person who said it.

If we keep up like this whether it’s caused by politics or social networking, we’re going to be very unhappy.

Living in a world where we lead with what we’re against or don’t like, the fix for it is to become more proactive about saying what you’re for.

Don’t like someone’s politics, what is yourview?

Social media making you nuts because it is forcing people into accepting new norms or correctness because they are popular and/or spreading rapidly?

Take your stand independent of reacting to others.

Reacting never works.

Responding produces better outcomes.


Respond, don’t react. 

Stand by what you are for even more than what you are against.

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