Life Advice from a 105 Year Old Man

Robert Marchand is 105 and probably more fit than people half his age and I am writing about him not because he set the world record in one-hour cycling where you ride for 60 minutes on an indoor track.

But because he is getting fitter even as he ages.

He pedals about 17 miles.

After the age of 50, the body doesn’t usually increase its aerobic fitness, try as we may, even though people can work hard to maintain.

Doctors usually accept death decades earlier than Marchand does because he hasn’t considered it.  Example:  Marchand is convinced he can improve his performance next year when he is 106!

His fitness routine is unique. He doesn’t use a heart monitor and has an interesting mix of 20% difficult intensity to 80% light.

A simple diet.  A glass of red wine.  Very socially active.

But all of this is not the overriding message coming from a 105 year old man.

Reject limitations.

Doctors don’t know healthy living.

Be social.

Pray for great genes.

Most importantly, live going forward not looking back.

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One thought on “Life Advice from a 105 Year Old Man

  1. All true, Jerry. My dad lived to 98 with many of the same beliefs. Like the 105 year old, he also got good genes. My dad’s top 5. 1. Move your ass (stay active). 2. Don’t get fat. 3. Hang around with people much younger than you. Children keep you really young and active. 4. Have a good doctor but never go in hospital 5. Don’t have expectations.

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