How to Recapture Half Your Day

We now spend 11 hours a day interacting with media – phones, Kindles, TV, music – this according to a recent Nielsen study.

4 hours and 46 minutes watching television.

40 minutes on inter-connected devices (video games, smart TV).

Computers, phones and tablets 3 hours and 48 minutes and more.

Any reduction in some or all of these and other digital media distractions would render more time to live, love and interact with people and places you enjoy.

So why don’t we bite the bullet and fix this?

There’s work, stay in touch with the sitter, the black hole of social media where it’s hard to stop scrolling.

Digital devices are addictive and we have an addiction.

These are tools – powerful tools that also bring us a connection and a way to avoid being in the present.

Phones are like morphine pumps that are used to kill the pain after surgery – put it in your hand (just like a phone) and press the button as often as necessary.

A smartphone is only truly smart when you’re in control not the other way around.

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