How to Make a Better Life

The first and only thing is – know how to make a life, not a living.

We keep pouring all our heart and soul into making a living and shortchanging what matters most.

Money doesn’t buy happiness and we already know “money can’t buy you love”.

Do you know how much money annually earned by two members of the family is the sweet spot?

You’re not going to believe this study of 2,000 people who were questioned about their lives and then asked their income.

$70,000 a year for a working couple.

That’s an average in the U.S.  It’s higher in Hawaii and lower in other states where the cost of living is lower.

What happened when couples earned $80,000 on average?

Their happiness (self-reported in the survey) did NOT go up.

What about a lot more money, did that make a difference?

Actually, they became unhappier the more money they made.

This can’t be, but it is.

Maybe that explains why a person fighting a disease just to stay alive is often happier in that unsettling situation than healthy people who think more is better.

The way to make a better life is to not fear living.

If you do, you risk losing life and happiness.

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