How to Cut Your Use of Apps

Between 2014 and 2015 the average time spent on apps has increased 117%.

Apps – especially social media apps – are now the great black hole of the Internet.

Once we’re on them, we go deeper and deeper and stay buried in them.

One way to cut the use of apps for yourself and your children, a growing problem for parents today, is to organize your apps to avoid the attention black hole.

  1. Make the first 2 screens of your phone, apps that you just go in and out and use as needed (weather, news, Uber, etc.).

  2. After that use a folder for social media where Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram and others go.  Check these on an appointment basis with time limits or else become a slave to social media that just sucks your attention in deeper and deeper.

  3. Then use your phone consciously as a tool not unconsciously for another shot of dopamine.

I must confess that even sharing these things that I have gleaned from young Internet and mobile experts made me uncomfortable especially the part about making an appointment to check social media apps.

But that’s the problem to be honest.

The phone is not the problem but using it for things that entertain and distract us has consequences.

Bite the bullet and take control.

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