How to Cheer Someone Up


When we give ourselves or others in our life hope, we make them happier.

It’s not solving everyone’s problems that cheers people up and if it does, that feeling doesn’t seem to last long.

Today, if you want to lift someone’s spirits, think about a sincere way to give them hope.

Cancer survivors live not only through the miracle of modern medicine but because of the hope that they will recover and live more of life.


When a couple breaks up it seems like the end of the world until they finally believe that there is still someone in the world who is waiting to meet them.


Ironically, succeeding at that which we want is often not as exciting as hoping that we will get what we want and life will be better.

This means we can give ourselves the gift of hope every day and become empowered to listen to others and look for ways to give them hope as well.

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