How to be Liked Immediately

If you’ve ever seen an old black and white picture of your grandma or great grandfather, they always seem to look like they were afraid of the camera.

And they were probably very nice, friendly people.

Contrast that to any picture on Instagram or social media today and they look like they are having a good time – maybe even too good a time.

We base how we feel about people – even whether we’re going to like them or not – by our first contact with them.

Look happy, approachable and engaging and you’re off to a good start.

Look distracted (like you’ve been on your phone), concerned, overly shy or distant and that relationship is getting off to the wrong start.

DJs who smile before they turn their mic on, sound friendlier on the air.

Yes, even the sound of a smile makes you more approachable and engaging.

People invest so much money into how they look – Botox, Invisalign, makeup, an edgy haircut but nothing is cheaper or more alluring than a smile.

Wait for the other person and it may be a long wait.

You go first and watch how many people immediately engage you with a smile in return.

It’s like yawning.  Once one person does it, you do it.

I do it every day when I am with people I don’t know – smile and watch the power of going first.

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