Hitting Your Presentation Out of the Park

Forget everything you know (or don’t) about making a presentation.

Ask yourself, what “gift” can I give my audience?

What is it that I can’t wait to share that I know they will appreciate.

Put it into a phrase so you know exactly what that gift is.

Most presentations are forgettable because the presenter has not given thought to the one thing they have the ability to share that the audience will appreciate.

Slides become secondary if used at all.

Make the slides and material available on Google Drive so you can concentrate on unraveling the present you are giving the audience.

You may have stories to tell or examples to fill in, but if you go into a presentation thinking of yourself as someone who is going to hand the audience a gift, you will get the best response ever.

The words will come out automatically.

Your sincerity will come through.

And those participating will likely go to your subject materials for more.

That’s also the secret of those TED presentations we love so much.

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