Help With Obsessing

There are a lot of tips on how to stop mortgaging your happiness because of undue obsessing.

What works instantly is not to try to alter your behavior but to seek an alternate route to reducing obsessing.

Postpone the thoughts.

Train the brain to put off having to think obsessive thoughts to a certain time in the day – or night and do not exceed your obsessing time.

Tonight at 8pm until 8:30 I will obsess away.

Then, every obsessive thought gets pushed into the next day.  Same time.

Eventually you may be able to skip obsessing sessions every day and do them less frequently.

This same approach is also magic with fear and worry.

Train the brain to pick up the fear thought at a specific time later and then devote no more than 30 minutes to thinking about the fear.

This approach gives you back your life and eventually introduces a protocol for putting obsessions and worry in their place.

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