Help Putting Problems in Perspective

Here is a photo of the earth taken from the moon.

When we fly in an airplane even as high as 40,000 feet, we barely see the curvature of the earth let alone the entire earth.

When we are stymied by a problem in life, the closer we are to it, the harder it is to grasp the enormity of it and where it begins and ends.

People used to think the earth was flat essentially because that is all they could see of it.  There were no satellites or explorations that would indicate otherwise.

I find this helpful in dealing with problems.

When you know you have a problem, pull back and take a wider view – the wider yet, the more helpful.  I use this imagery because it helps me focus.

The closer we observe our problems, the more limited our ability is to solve them.

A bitter divorce is a battle of money, lawyers, court, custody and other things from close in, but from further back it is the inability of two people – sometimes because of their families of origin and no fault of their own – to work well together as a unit.

Pull back, observe, recalibrate thinking to take in the bigger picture.

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One thought on “Help Putting Problems in Perspective

  1. Thanks Jerry, This is so true. Often people tend to go inward and think “it’s only happening to me”. I’ve always tried to take a wider POV and found it much more helpful to solve any issue. It takes awareness and work.
    Your thoughts reminded me how important perspective is.
    Your Philly friend on the west coast…Bill O’Brien

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