Freedom from Smartphones

A powerful article in The New York Times recently quoted David Greenfield of the University of Connecticut School of Medicine as saying “People are carrying around a portable dopamine pump”.

Smartphones are hurting adult relationships, look at how they are hurting our children.

Common Sense Media survey:

American teens 13-18 averaged six and a half hours of screen time a day on social media and other activities such as video games.

2015 Pew study:

24% of teens between 13-17 reported being online almost all the time.

Drug use is going down as addiction to digital devices soars.

Parents are not doing their children any good by readily accepting and allowing this kind of phone use into their young lives.  And they are not doing themselves or their families any good by being on their phones constantly.

Smartphones are drugs.

Use them with care.

Shoot for as much face time with real humans as you allow yourself or your children screen time.  No exceptions.

The phone is a tool.  Turn it off.  Use it as a tool and do not adopt constant connection as a way of life if you don’t want to miss out on life.

You can’t live in the now unless you turn off your smartphone.

Constant connection is not the same as being 100% focused in the now.

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