Fear of Losing

In economics, the theory of loss aversion describes our tendency to prefer avoiding losses to acquire equal gains.

Some consider losses twice as powerful in our minds as gains that explains why people hate to give up something even if they could get something equal and better.

It is why people stay in bad relationships for fear of losing what they have no matter how bad even in the hope of getting something better with someone else.

Some argue that replacing the current health care law falls into this category – fear of losing what they have even if it is far from perfect rather than the expectation of something better gained.

Overcoming the fear of losing makes you special.

An achiever because you are willing to take a prudent risk to get something better.

A new job in a different field out of your comfort zone may be better than another one like the other one in your present field.

Sitting in the first row at a meeting or event where you might ordinarily sit near the back that shows you are willing to temporarily lose your anonymity to get closer to the speaker, participate more or become actively involved.

The helpful rule that applies to the fear of losing anything is …

Do the thing you fear to do and the fear will go away from you.

What a way to build genuine self-focused confidence.

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