Don’t Wait

Patience is a virtue but so is action.

Perfectionists wait because they want to get every last detail right, but perfection can never be achieved.  It’s just a goal.

The cautious live in limbo uncertain about what to pursue next.

It’s why we are better at getting the next job once we’ve left our present jobs.  We wait too long.

It’s why we stay in toxic relationships for fear of acting instead of anticipating something better.

Why we get less adventurous as we age.

More likely to wait until something forces our hand instead of what we can make happen.

All the while life goes on as if we have endless years to make up our minds.

Don’t wait, don’t delay – jump into every opportunity that could bring you success and happiness.

Never wait for perfection.

Perfect is an illusion.

There is only what’s in our grasp now to be consumed to the fullest.

Don’t miss this moment waiting for the next.

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