Deciding What To Do With Your Life

Why do we pressure ourselves to pick one thing?

Why do we limit ourselves because of age (too young, too old)?

You don’t have to decide once and for all – you can do it again and again. 

Life happens, things change, you morph into a different person so why pressure yourself into a decision that may be wrong?

Renew your “contract with yourself” every year – if you like what you’re doing, vow to continue for another year.  If you’re antsy for change, pursue the change. 

Don’t be the one to put limitations on what you want to do and certainly don’t accept limitations from others. 

Even if you’re not qualified, dream on – you can acquire the skills if you’re really motivated.   

Don’t give up before you decide.  Excuses like “I don’t have the education or background” are self-defeating.

It’s your dream not what others want you to do. 

Money is an excuse for not even trying to attain the life you want – no one successful has been rolling in money on the way up. 

Think of your life as a canvass – it’s yours to paint on as you wish.

Picasso wouldn’t hand a brush to someone else and say “here, you paint my picture”.

As long as you are alive and able, see your dreams and then see them through. 

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