Dealing With Hate

The moment we allow ourselves to hate another person is the exact time that we risk becoming like the person we dislike.

Dislike the deed, not the person no matter how evil they may be. 

Never react, always respond (the difference is asking yourself how you feel first).

If your animosity grows, visualize yourself wearing a shirt with a big red button on it and vow not to let anyone push that button.

We hate when others make us feel badly about ourselves – although think kindly of yourself and this will not happen.

Your mission is – be the person you want to be.  Not what someone else may try to make you.

Best thought for rejecting haters – feel sorry for them (“It must be awful to have to go around making others feel as bad as they do”). 

Just the mere awareness that someone is getting your goat is the first step toward taking back control.

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