Courage to Say How You Feel

Receiving the message is more important than our ability to say it.

We may want to be honest about how we feel but is it wise to tell everyone?

The most important person is you.

How do you feel?

Do you know?  Are you guessing?  Or avoiding?

Equally important is who gets to know.

This is truly empowering.

I won’t tell someone my innermost thoughts unless they are a friend I trust.

I talk politics to people with open minds even if we are polar opposites but I have noticed Facebook is filled with people who even say “feel free to unfriend me if you disagree”.  False courage.

I will share my thoughts and ideas with others where I work and hopefully use a lot of human relations skills in putting them forward.

Being bold does not mean being confident.

Being secretive does not mean being careful. 

When you think about having the courage to say how you feel, think first of who is going to receive the message and let that be your guide.

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