Boundless Energy

If health drinks help, consume them.

If exercise invigorates you then by all means do it.

The biggest energy sapper is fear and worry.

I have a friend who had her newly remodeled condo damaged from water leaking from the neighbor’s condo above.

Insurance issues and legal threats burdened everyone including this person for perhaps the worst Christmas she has had in a long time.

Yet, she is healthy.

Gainfully employed.

Enjoying lots of friends.

How can this happen?

We worry about the 1% that will never happen and even if it does, it won’t happen the way we imagined it would.

Worry about worry.

Doomsday narratives take over our lives.

In the case of my friend, all was restored by spring. Insurance paid for it and the community association added new rules of protection for the future. The condo that started the damage even got a new kitchen out of it.

This is not an aberration.

It’s what happens when we let worry and fear sap our energy.

As long as there is hope always assume everything will work out just fine.

It usually does.

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