Bouncing Back from Failure

When it’s happening to you, it matters little that failure is the best dress rehearsal for future success.

Just getting through the debilitating feeling that attacks pride, self-esteem and confidence seems like an impossible task.

Okay, things will get better.

How do I get back and overcome my negative thoughts?

Surviving is the key thought – accepting your misfortune for now and dealing with the pain.

Anger is a waste of time and only stirs up more anger.

I’ll be back, things will be different, I will learn from my mistakes, it was out of my hands, it is a gift, I will become better for this.

One thing overlooked is all the good that happened even if the result led to a failure.

Instead of obsessing about what went wrong, start compiling a list of what went right.

Sometimes failure is based on the power of another person to impose it on you.  And sometimes it is political.

There are always more things that went right than went wrong – focus and obsess on these.

The only permanent failure is the one that accepts a judgment you do not share.

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