Blind Encouragement

We will bet on the lottery knowing that our chance of winning is so remote that we are willing to pay for the tickets just to have that slim chance.

What if we bet on people the same way?

Or on ourselves.

When we know there is little chance of succeeding, our instinct is to give up not to double down and place a bet on ourselves.

We bet against all odds when it has to do with ourselves or others but willingly bet on a miniscule chance that we may someday win the lottery (which, by the way, often works out as a life wrecker instead of a dream come true).

Blind encouragement has its benefits.

Tell a cancer patient they will beat the disease not because you don’t want to discourage them but with the same hope and conviction we have when we see a good outcome in, say, a lottery.

Down on your luck?

Place a bet – buy a ticket on you to win big.  Your chances of succeeding are far greater than that of winning the lottery.

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