Believing in YOU

If we cannot believe in ourselves and love ourselves generously, we cannot leave it to someone else and expect vigorous self-confidence.

You are always right even when you’re wrong and by that I mean being strong enough to forge your own way and take responsibility for decisions even if they don’t work out.

Don’t let someone else live your life today.  We wouldn’t let someone else paint a picture we were working on, but we allow others to paint their version of our lives and wind up regretting it later.

The one relationship that matters most is what you think of yourself.

When you allow someone else to complete you as a person for things you may be lacking, you are giving away your free will.

No one gets to make your decisions and own them even if – and especially if – they wind up becoming learning opportunities rather than successes.

Adopt this unbreakable rule:  never doubt yourself, never put yourself down, never tolerate another person doing either one of these things.

Believing in yourself in 90% attitude and 10% reacting to success.

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