Become a Free Agent

Every August, I retreat to the beaches of New Jersey to vacation and this year will be no exception.

I remember Richard Branson saying “If you are fortunate enough to get a holiday, try not to spend it looking at your smartphone every five minutes. Instead, put business at the back of your mind – but not out of your head. I have been on many holidays where I have heard an exciting idea that has turned into a Virgin business. Keep your eyes peeled for a creative idea”.

In other words, relax, but don’t take the summer off from great ideas.

I will bring a list of things I want to think about in my summer office (the ocean) and will decide which of them I want to commit to doing next year.

The summer is free agency – when you commit to how you want to live the next 12 months – not unlike the way an athlete commits to playing a sport for the year ahead.

I have invented businesses, changed my life’s focus, made personal changes and initiated new challenges all from doing one simple thing – relaxing and keeping my brain on.

If you’re interested in trying this, find your “Jersey shore” and proceed as follows:

  1. Before Labor Day is Off-Season.  You’re a free agent.  This is where you say “I want to do this for a living next year” or “I want to do this with a special person for the next 12 months”, etc.
  2. After Labor Day is Pre-Season Training Camp.  This is where you start to get the skill sets you need for your next adventure.  Before I started my paid media website, I had to learn how to do a paid website and this started in “pre-season”.
  3. Your regular season begins after a six-week Pre-Season during which you work to carrying out the plans you’ve made.
  4. Then save time for your Playoffs – when you get to perform at the highest level possible to achieve your goals.

“Use the space and time to reflect on the year so far and plan how to improve in the coming months” – Richard Branson

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