Anxiety Helpers

Prescription sales of anti-anxiety meds are going through the roof.

Yet anxiety is getting the best of us because even if we don’t suffer from it, chances are good that someone around us does.

Put the phone in its place because it is not helping anxiety.

Social media can be an addiction for people of all ages.

We are in denial.

Must stay in touch with our children.

Have to be connected to answer work-related email.

No one can multi-task successfully.  We don’t need research to tell us that but that’s exactly what research is telling us that we already know.

Start today …

Prioritize rather than multi-task. 

Only complete 20% of everything you have to do – so make sure you pick the most important 20% and you’ll be more productive and less anxious. 

Don’t let anxious people give you their anxiety – recognize it and put a stop/loss on it immediately.

Make your phone a tool, like a pencil or pad.  Use it to make yourself less anxious.  We are the masters of our iPhones and Androids when we decide how we’re going to use them.  Using them because they exist is the path toward more anxiety.

Don’t pull a phone out when you are waiting for something or in between things.  Instead, think about what you’re grateful for.  Don’t wait to become a cancer survivor to make gratitude the greatest anti-anxiety “medication” of all.

Gratitude – the instant anti-anxiety helper. 

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