An Apology You’ll Love to Make

We’re hearing a lot of public apologies lately.  It seems most people are ready to apologize when they’ve been caught doing something wrong.

For the rest of us, apologizing for mistakes can not only save relationships but empower you. 

  • Never say IF I offended you, I apologize – It’s not IF, it’s either I did or I didn’t.  Using the word “if” can sound like a cop out on the receiving end. 
  • Fix the problem before making the apology – So if you had to cancel an engagement at the last minute wasting the other person’s time, reschedule first and then sincerely apologize for the offense.
  • No empty apologies – These are the ones that are made before anything is done to fix or improve the thing that you might have done to offend.

The only reason to withhold an apology is ego.

Apologizing for an indiscretion after you’ve begun taking steps to repair the damage means you are human and sorry enough to start fixing the problem before you just say the words.

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